Flame Resistant Plastic Board Polypropylene PP Bubble Sheet for Automotive

Group Polypropylene (PP) Bubble Board
Min. Order 100 piece
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Update Time 2019-12-30
Item specifics
BrandPolyreflex Polypropylene PP bubble board
Provided ServiceDie-cutting, CNC Engraveing,Sealing, Bending, Welding, Printing,Attaching Spunbond…
Custom WorkColor, Width, Length, Size, Weight, Packing, Processing
CertificateRoSH, REACH, V0-V2 @UL94, No Lead, No Formaldehyde Content.
Main Applicationfloor protection, side/back/roof panel for auto...
Main Colorsblack, dark grey, light grey, etc.
Update Time2019-12-30
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DETAIL INFORMATIONSPolyreflex Polypropylene (PP) bubble board
Polypropylene (PP) bubble board

High impact
Flame retardant
Low VOC emission

Polyreflex Polypropylene (PP) Bubble Board
Environment friendly & Flame retardant
Polyreflex Polypropylene bubble board exhibits a unique sandwich structure
  with a honeycomb structure inside and one/two flat surfaces with bubble
    finish. It is Environment friendly, Flame retardant and durable.
      PP bubble board can be laminated with non-woven fabric. It is used as
      spare wheel covers in the automobile luggage compartment, to achieve
        the isolation function of spare tire and luggage compartment. It is also
          used as luggage liner panel, seat back panel, side and roof panel of
          mini-van, SUV, caravan etc.
            It plays the role of body decoration, noise insulation, noise
              reduction, load bearing and other.

  • Light Weight – Approx. 50% Lighter Than Wood
  • Numerous Options for Surface Finishing
  • Dimension Stability and Waterproof
  • Noise Insulation, Noise Reduction
  • Excellent Compression Strength
  • Corrosion and Rot Resistant
  • Easy to Post Process
PP Bubble Board with / without Fabric
Surface with Different Fabric
Detailed Images
Quality is shown in detail
Color Options of PP Bubble Board without Fabric
Thickness Range from 3mm to 11mm
Three Layer: Surface + Honeycomb Core + Surface
Double Layer: Surface + Honeycomb Core
Product Available

Items Modle
PP bubble board PP bubble board with non-woven fabric
Thickness: 3-11mm 3-12mm
Width: Max. Width 1.5M. 900-1300mm are popular. Other width can be customized.
Size: 1000x2000mm, 1200x2400mm, 1220x2440mm are standard. Other size can be customized.
Colour: Black, gray, beige are available.
Other colors can be customized according to RAL / Pantone.
Board Black, gray, beige are available.
Other colors can be customized according to RAL / Pantone.
Fabirc Black, light black.
Weight: 750-3800gsm. Board 750-3500gsm
Fabirc 80-300gsm
Surface: bubble surface Single or double side for fabric lamination is available.
Yellow Green
Signal Black
Main Features

PROCESSING WAYSPolyreflex Polypropylene (PP) bubble board
Edge Sealing by Cloth
Edge Sealing by Cloth
Edge Sealing by Hot Melt
Pressing by Hot Mold
Polyreflex Polypropylene Bubble Boards Application Examples
Polyreflex Polypropylene(PP) Bubble Boards are excellent alternative to Plywood, MDF, Particleboard, Block Board etc.
For Auto Tire Cover
Durable/Low VOC emission/Flame resistance

For Auto Body Decoration
High Strength/High impact resistant/Easily DIY

For Protection
Scratching Resistant/Durable Service/High Impact Resistant to Protect