A Tour To Zhanjiang Port

A Tour To Zhanjiang Port


Polyreflex’s team members visited the Zhanjiang Port.

A Tour To Zhanjiang Port
   POLYREFLEX HI-TECH CO., LTD. is a Chinese leading manufacturer of semi-finished extruded PVC&PP sheets. Polyreflex has been committed to providing a variety of environmentally friendly plastic sheets with premium quality. Polyreflex’s main product: PP corrugated board, PP honeycomb board, PP solid board, Bubble honeycomb board,Turnover box, PP sleeves, TPO, All kinds of PE products, etc..

  In order to enhance the professional knowledge of import and export and to provide better service for global customers, Polyreflex’s team members visited the Zhanjiang Port on November 27,2018 under the guidance of Ms. Cheng-Secretary General of the Cross-border E-Commerce Association of Zhanjiang City.
A Tour To Zhanjiang Port
  The team members felt astonished by such a spectacular container terminal, huge barges, and large ships mooring at the port.They raised many questionsto Mrs. Mao -Director of Foreign Trade Department of Zhanjiang Port International Container Terminal Co., Ltd.
Wharf track portal machine
  For example, when encountering typhoon weather, how can we apply to check the position of our container and assess whether the goods will suffer losses once receiving the typhoon forecast? Is it possible to move the container to a safer position?
Mrs Mao was explaining in detail
  How are the containers stacked? How do the shipping agents know where to target the container in different yards?
  How does the terminal monitor an empty container when it is sent out? How does the terminal monitor a loaded container when it is entering in the yard.
  How does the terminal carry out container storage and how to distinguish different shipping companies? How to complete the boarding and departure tasks of different shipping companies?
A work fellow was asking a question

   Mrs. Mao offered many of her professional answers that enabled these team members to gain a deeper understanding of the operation of the terminal. They will be constantly learning to better serve customers around the world!