Plastic PP Film Thin Sheet for Printing
Plastic PP Film Thin Sheet for Printing
Plastic PP Film Thin Sheet for Printing
Plastic PP Film Thin Sheet for Printing
Plastic PP Film Thin Sheet for Printing
Plastic PP Film Thin Sheet for Printing

Item specifics

Polypropylene (PP) Film
Provided Service
die-cutting, cnc engraveing, bending, welding, pri
Custom Work
Color, Width, Length, Size, Weight, Packing, Processing
RoSH, REACH, V0-V2 @UL94, No Lead, No Formaldehyde Content.
Main Color
Natural, White, Black, Beige, Green, Red, Blue...
Main Application
for stationery, food packing, Cartoon characters.
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DETAIL INFORMATIONSPolyreflex Polypropylene (PP) Film
Polypropylene (PP) Film

Offset printing

Polyreflex Polypropylene (PP) Film
Non-toxic & Durable films
Polyreflex's Polypropylene (PP) Film is a kind of non-toxic,
  tasteless, waterproof, low density, very rigid plastic material, which
  could offer high impact strength, high wear resistance, wide
    temperature stability range from -20oC to 120oC. which has good
     chemical stability . It could be easily offset printed, silk-screen
      printed, die-cut, bent etc, and it is widely used for stationery,
        food packing, Cartoon characters.

  • Suitable for offset printing, silk-screen printing
  • Good heat-resistant performance(+120°C)
  • Low moisture absorbability, non-toxic
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Excellent formability
Product Available

Thickness: 0.15-2mm
Width: Max.1100mm
Size: B5, A4, A3, A2, A1 or other size can be customized
Colour: Solid white, Natural, Black, Grey, Geen, Blue, Red, Yellow are standard.
Other colors can be customized according to RAL / Pantone
Surface: Smooth and texture
Weight: 0.91-0.96g/cm3
Service options: Offset printing, silk-screen printing
Main Features

Surface Texture

Fine Matt
Medium Matt
Polyreflex Polypropylene (PP) Film Application Examples
Polyreflex Polypropylene (PP) Films are excellent material for using in stationery, packing, printing etc
For stationery
Polypropylene (PP) Film is ideal MATERIAL for making stationery like folder, book cover etc.

For food packing
Polypropylene (PP) Film is non-toxic and can be vacuum thermoformed for food box.

For presents packing
Polypropylene (PP) Film is easily offset printed for bulk quantity in short time.

For box of shoes and clothes and Wardrobe
Polypropylene (PP) Film is excellent material for daily supplies like show box and wardrobe.