Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers for Packaging & Turnover
Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers for Packaging & Turnover
Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers for Packaging & Turnover
Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers for Packaging & Turnover
Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers for Packaging & Turnover
Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers for Packaging & Turnover

Item specifics

Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers
Provided Service
Process, print, design, pack,source accessories
Custom Work
Color, size, weight, packing, processing
RoSH, REACH, V0-V2 @UL94, No lead, No formaldehyde
Main Color
White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Grey…
Main Application
Packaging, storage, turn over,shipping

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Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers for Packaging & Turnover

  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Various Structure
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Components
  • Box Accessories
  • Different types of returnable packaging


Plastic Polypropylene Corrugated Dividers for Packaging & Turnover

can be made of PP corrugated sheet or PP honeycomb sheet, which are absolutely harmless and odorless, moisture resistance and corrosion resistant.

Polyreflex pp hollow boxes are designed to be lightweight, durable, reusable and economical, provide a perfect solution for packaging to store, protect and transport valuable, fragile, non-waterproof goods or materials (such as electronics, cosmetic, fruits and beverage) to distributors, retailers and end users.

Polyreflex has over 20 years in manufacture pp corrugated and honeycomb boxes, we have a range design of boxes to meet customers all kinds of use and requirements, we also provide OEM to produce per customer's design.

plastic boxes and foam dividers


Waterproof, durable and lightweight polypropylene materials make Polyreflex plastic boxes and dividers the best alternative to limited use corrugated cardboard packaging.


Polyreflex plastic boxes and dividers are 100% recyclable. It is made of polypropylene raw materials, and our products have passed RoHS and heavy metal testing, and are food-grade environmentally friendly materials.


Lightweight plastic packaging has a high turnover rate to save space and freight, and has the maximum reusability to reduce packaging costs.

Various Dividers

Not only the box can be customed, the dividers also provide flexible custom service, to meet customer's various goods size and protect requirement. The dividers can be made by pp corrugated sheet, pp corflute sheet with EVA, EPE foam, cloth, and so on.

Custom Designs

Polyreflex offers various standard sizes and configurations of boxes and dividers, as well as custom designs, colors, thickness, structure and printing to meet your specific needs.


PP corrugated sheet PP honeycomb sheet
PP corrugated sheet thick pp honeycomb sheet
  Thickness   Weight (in gsm)   Thickness    Weight (in gsm)
3mm 750-1200 3mm 750-1200
4mm 900-1500 4mm 900-1500
5mm 900-2000 5mm 900-2000
● Less gsm and better price, suitable for packaging light goods.
● Suitable for non-weight-bearing internal dividers.
● Various color options, and low MOQ.
● The structure is more stable and higher gsm, which is suitable for packing goods with a certain weight.
● More durable and longer service life.


plastic reusable turnover box with lid and divider
Plastic corrugated box

Box with velcro and rivet when open

Plastic corrugated lid

Cutted box assembled with velcros and rivets when flatwise

Fluted dividers with EVA foam

PP corrugated dividers for inserting in box

Interior foam with self-adhesive

7 pp fluted recycle box with dividers for cup.

Insert Types

Velcro for reusable plastic boxes

Polypropylene corrugated board insert

reusable packing box with release buckle

PP honeycomb panel dividers

foam materials for packaging

PP corflute seperator with EVA

Black handle for plastic boxes and containers

EVA hard foam padding

Stacking corner and pvc extrusion for reusable plastic box

EPE soft foam padding

Transparent bag for label on the plastic tote boxes

Non-woven fabric or flannel dunnage

Different Types of Returnable Packaging

Individual Dividers

The dividers could be sold seperately without box, can individually use with others rather than polypropylene corrugated or pp honeycomb boxes.

Common plastic returnable packaging

Plastic Box with Dividers

Polyreflex plastic box with dividers, the box can custom, the dividers can also custom per the shape and other requirements of load things. The dividers in box not only provides seperate areas, also well protect the things inside.

Stackable turnover box

Other Padding Dividers

Polyreflex has the dedicated padding material suppliers, with the strong development and processing ability, Polyreflex can custom other padding dividers. We welcome customers to contact with your idea and drawings. 

Plastic turnover box with lid

Dividers and partition

When the product needs independent protection in the container, divider is the best choice. We can die-cut special-shaped divider according to the shape of the product and put it in the dunnage box, make sure the goods will not be collided during transportation. Certain sizes of dividers can be collapsed flat and shipped.

Dividers and partition for reusable container box

Anti-static box for electronics

The returnable box and divider with antistatic treatment is an ideal packaging solution for storage, turnover and transportation of electronic products.

Anti-static box for electronics

Plastic container for food

Non-toxic and odorless plastic boxes can be used as fruits and vegetables packaging. A divider can also be added in the fruit box, such as avocado, apple, pear, mango, and grapefruit.

Plastic container for food

Tote box and portable case

Waterproof plastic boxes with straps are widely used for takeaway delivery. Add a nonwovens partition that can be used as a toolbox, which is convenient for maintenance workers to carry when working.

plastic Tote boxes and portable case