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The difference between polypropylene and polyethylene sheet

Polypropylene Sheet is a kind of thermoplastic product made by polymerization of propylenea, it includes Copolymer Polypropylene and Homopolymer Polypropylene Sheet.Polypropylene material is non-toxic, tasteless and waterproof with low density, it can use at around 100℃. It has good chemical stability and easy for vacuforming. The disadvantage of polypropylene sheet is low wear resistance and easy to crisp under low tempreture. Polyethylene Sheet is a thermoplastic product made by polymerization of ethylene.Polyethylene material is odorless, non-toxic, with excellent low temperature resistance at -100~-70 °C. It has stable chemical properties and it’s an excellent electrical insulation product. Polyethylene (PE) Sheet mainly includes HDPE Sheet, LDPE Sheet and LLDPE Sheet.The most popular product is HDPE sheet. HDPE is a high-density polyethylene, it’s a highly HDPE is a non-polar thermoplastic material with high crystallinity.  Both PP and HDPE is widely used in food packaging. They look simiar but they are difference in performance. --- HDPE has higher strength and stiffness than PP.--- HDPE has a better performance on heat resistant, low temperature resistance, anti-aging and toughness than PP.--- The transparency of PP is better than HDPE.--- The price of PP is a little lower than HDPE.--- HDPE is mostly used for structural parts and various parts, while PP is mostly used for water tanks, electroplating tank, containers and others. Use of polypropylene sheet and polyethylene sheet HDPE sheet PP sheet Method for distinguishing between PP and HDPE sheets --- The surface of the HDPE sheet is self-slip, you can touch the surface of the board to distinct. Generally, the surface and sides of HDPE sheet are smooth and feel like a candle, while the side of the PP sheet will produce some burrs and it’s rough.--- The combustibility is different, check the following form. Product Combustibility Combustion Situation After ExtinguishingSmelling PP Easily Fast melting and dropping with yellow flame Few smoke and keep burningOily but less odor HDPE Easily Slow melting and dropping with yellow & blue fllame More smoke and keep burningParaffin burning and big smelling  Related Products Polypropylene (PP) sheet Polypropylene (PP) film Thin PP film Polyethylene (PE) sheet HDPE sheet / LDPE sheet

What should I pay attention to when using a corona treated PP corrugated sheet?

1) Keep the pp corrugated sheet clean The corona-treated sheet has a strong adsorption force for dust. We recommend that the PP corrugated sheet used for printing should be wrapped by PE film and stored in a clean, dust-free warehouse. Check the following PP corrugated board wrapped by PE film. 2) Try not to paste a sticker on corona-treated panels Try not to paste a temporarily used sticker on the corona-treated PP corrugated sheets because it has a strong adsorption to the glue. The glue will penetrate into the surface of the sheet and is difficult to remove. 3) The best service life of corona-treated panels is six months After six months, the corona effect will diminish. Therefore, it is recommended to print and use polypropylene corrugated board within half a year to ensure the best results. Related Products Polypropylene corrugated sheet coroplast sheet / correx sheet / corflute sheet

Why PP corrugated sheet need corona treatment?

What is corona treatment? Corona treatment is an electric shock treatment that gives the surface of the substrate a stronger adhesion. Under what circumstances should the lightweight plastic sheet be treated with corona? Polypropylene is an inert material, the adsorption effect of ink is not good.For printing on Polypropylene meterials, such as PP corrugated sheet / coroplast sheet / correx sheet / corflute sheet, PP honeycomb panels, pp film, if you want the ink to absorb firmly and not easily fall off, corona treatment will be very helpful. How does corona treatment help the printing effect of the lightweight plastic sheet? Its principle is to use high frequency high voltage to corona discharge on its surface, to produce out low temperature plasma. The plasma  penetrate into the surface of the printed body by electric shocks to destroy its molecular structure, and further polarity and oxidate the board surface, so as to increase the adhesion ability of the board. How to judge whether the corona treatment is qualified? Dyne test pens (≥38 mN/m) can be used as a quick test tool for surface energy after corona treatment, but are not suitable for tests for printed or coated surfaces. If the test pen draws a continuous line on the corona treated surface, we can say the surface energy of the material is not less than 38 mN/m. If the line is intermittent, the surface energy of the material is less than 38mN/m, indicating it is insufficient or even untreated, and thus does not meet the printing requirements. What thickness of lightweight plastic sheet can be corona treated? The thickness of the sheets is usually 2-6mm.Generally speaking, the power required for corona treatment of thin sheets (2-6 mm) is small, but the power required for corona treatment of thick sheets (8-10 mm) is double more. If the power of the corona treatment machine is can be adjustable, then the machine can operate the corona treatment on either thick pp sheet or thin ones. Related Products Polypropylene corrugated sheet coroplast sheet / correx sheet / corflute sheet Polypropylene honeycomb panel PP bubble board

What is the difference between polypropylene corrugated sheet and honeycomb sheet?

Both corrugated plastic sheet and polypropylene honeycomb panel are a high technology hollow structure with features such as lightweight,non-toxic,waterproof,anti-termite,vibration damping,anti-aging and corrosion resistant. By adjusting formula or through chemical treatment of the surface, these polypropylene sheets have excellent performance on properties such as easy printing, UV resistance, flame retardant,electrical conduction and anti-static. Anti-static polypropylene sheets can be tailored to offer electrical properties spanning the surface resistivity spectrum from 106 to 1010 ohm/sq. Conductive polypropylene sheets can be tailored to offer electrical properties spanning the surface resistivity spectrum from 103 to 105 ohm/sq. But what is the difference between corrugated plastic sheet and polypropylene honeycomb panel? STRUCTURE Corrugated plastic sheet  has twin wall profile extrusion, joined by series of vertical ribs. Polypropylene honeycomb panel is a sandwich structure with a honeycomb structure inside and two flat surfaces with either a bubble format or matte finish. COLOR The commonly used colors are: white, yellow, green, blue, red, black, gray etc.Color can also be customized, reaching 90% close to the original. The color of polypropylene honeycomb panel is mainly gray, followed by black and white. The color can also be customized.But due to high processing cost, the customized color is higher than that of corrugated plastic sheet. Physical properties When compared with corrugated plastic sheet,honeycomb panel has a better performance on resistance to high strength,impact and bendingstresses, and on sound absorption and vibration damping as well due to its different structure.