PP Corrugated Sheet
PP Corrugated Sheet
PP Corrugated Sheet
PP Corrugated Sheet
PP Corrugated Sheet
PP Corrugated Sheet

Item specifics

Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet
Provided Service
Die-cutting, CNC, sealing, bending, welding
Custom Work
Color, size, weight, packing, cutting, printing
RoSH, REACH, V0-V2 @UL94, No Lead, No Formaldehyde
Main Color
White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Grey
Main Application
Packaging, sign, construction, agriculture

Product review


Polyreflex Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Printing Ability
  • Recyclable
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Structure and Sealing
  • Processing
  • Physical Performance
  • Uses


Polyreflex polypropylene (PP) corrugated sheet

is made of polypropylene (PP) copolymer, homopolymer resin and some fillers. It is also called twinwall PP panel, fluted polypropylene sheet, corflute sheet or coroplast sheet.

Polypropylene corflute sheet is an extruded corrugated sheet consisting two flat walls connected by vertical ribs, or in the pozidrive structure. 

PP corrugated sheet is absolutely harmless and odourless, and moisture resistance & anticorrosion. Its outstanding properties such as strong, lightweight, various colors make it good in packaging, advertising, construction, agriculture and industry uses.

colored pp corrugated sheet


Polypropylene corrugated sheet is designed as a twinwall and hollow structure, which is lighter and more convenient to use.

Excellent Printing Ability

The corona-treated polypropylene fluted sheet has good ink absorption capacity. Suitable for digital UV printing and screen printing.


Polyreflex corflute sheet is 100% recyclable. It is made of polypropylene raw materials, and our products have passed RoHS and heavy metal testing, and are food-grade environmentally friendly materials.


Lightweight polypropylene sheet has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance, can be used in humid environment and outdoors.

Easy Processing

Polypropylene corrugated sheet can be easily processed, such as die-cutting, sealing, welding, bending, CNC engraving, and printing.


Product TypeThinThickStandard
Port of LoadingShenzhen port, ChinaShenzhen port, ChinaHochiminh port, Vietnam
Thickness1.5mm - 7.8mm8mm - 14.5mm2mm - 12mm
Density170 - 3000 g/m21500 - 6000 g/m2175 - 3500 g/m2
WidthMax. 2100mmMax. 2440mmMax. 2440mm
RibNarrow ribsNarrow ribsWide ribs
SurfaceSmooth, matt, or very flat
Standart ColorWhite, black, grey, red, yellow, green, blue, brown, custom colors are available.

Structure Type

colored corflute sheet
wide rib fluted sheet

Wide ribs allow the polypropylene corrugated board to have a lower weight, and the larger hollow allows the support rod to be inserted

narrow pp fluted sheet

Narrow ribs make the polypropylene corrugated board stronger, harder, and not easy to bend

S-lines pp fluted sheet

The core ribs of the corflute sheet are S-lines

flat pp fluted sheet for printing

Polyreflex corflute sheet with very flat surface, suitable for printing sign boards

Sealing Type

edge sealed pp corrugated sheet

Edge sealing with polypropylene rod

edge sealed pp fluted sheet

Edge sealing by hot melting

Types of Processing

die-cutting fluted sheet


half die-cutting fluted sheet

Half die-cutting

CNC cutting corflute sheet

CNC engraving

creasing on pp corrugated sheet


edge sealing coroplast sheet

Edge sealing with polypropylene rod

ultra-sonic welding pp fluted sheet

Ultra-sonic welding

Physical Performance

Anti-static pp corrugated sheet

ESD Anti-static pp corrugated sheet

Conductive pp fluted sheet

Conductive pp fluted sheet

Flame retardant pp corrugated sheet

V0 grade flame retardant pp corrugated sheet

The Use of Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet

Turnover Box, Unit Packs and Bulk Packs

Polypropylene corrugated sheet is a perfect material for retail and wholesale distribution boxes, suitable for fruits and vegatables, components and parts, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

corflute reusable boxes unit bulk packs

Outdoor display and sign board

Polyreflex outdoor corflute sheet is weather-resistant and UV-resistant, suitable for safety signs and traffic signs used outdoors.

Outdoor coroplast sign board

Transport Protective Packaging

Polyreflex fluted sheet as a recyclable material has replaced cardboard and is widely used in the field of logistics protection packaging, such as pads, shelves, dividers and partitions, bottom plates, and cross plates.

plastic transport turnover packaging beverages pads

Packaging of electronic products and components

Polyreflex adds conductive or antistatic properties to standard PP corrugated sheets, which better protects circuit boards and electronic components from current damage.

waterproof conductive or antistatic packaging boxes

Advertising Sign

Corflute sheet is suitable for display stand, promotion advertising, product shelf and plate, billboard, light box, yard sign, exhibition booth, etc.

PP fluted corflute sheet for sign and display

Construction Use

Polyreflex fire-resistant corrugated sheet is added with flame retardant, thereby increasing the flame retardant grade of polypropylene sheet from V2 to V0, which is suitable for use as a building material.

Flame resistant pp corrugated sheet

Other Uses of Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet

Divider for document holder and boxes / Plastic bottles recycling bins / Canvas bag lining / Temporary Partitions / Plant guard

recyclable reusable returnable pp corrugated sheet