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PP Honeycomb Board, Bubble Board

Can we custom the strength and flatness of PP honeycomb panel?

PP honeycomb panel is made by two skin surface and honeycomb core, we have two processing to produce PP honeycomb panel. Firstly, considering to the panels with same weight (g/sqm)1) If clients focus on the strength more than the flatness of surface, we will adjust our core material stronger and surface skin will be thinner, then the honeycomb structure is visible on the surface. 2) If clients focus on the flatness more than strength, we will adjust our surface skin to be more thicker, then the honeycomb structure is not clear on the surface.  Secondly, considering to the panels with different weight (g/sqm)1) If the panel in thickness 3mm less than 1000gsm, the structure is visible.2) If the panel in thickness 3mm more than 1200gsm, it is hard to see the honeycomb structure on the surface. Thirdly, If we produce the thickness to 5mm or above, with heavier gram weight, the honeycomb structure is invisible.Please see below picture for your reference. If you have more questions about it, you may contact us.

Flame Retardant Performance Of PP Corrugated Sheet, Plastic Honeycomb Sheet & X-wall Plastic Sheet

PP corrugated sheet, PP honeycomb sheet, PP X-wall plastic sheet all of them are commonly used for packaging industries, some packaging boxes do not require flame retardant, but some for special packaging will do when used for packaging, transportation and padding of electronic products, and when used for packaging, logistics and car interior in automotive industry. Polyreflex's PP corrugated sheet, PP honeycomb sheet, PP X-wall plastic sheet can reach the UL94 standard V-0 grade. The specific conditions are as follows. UL94 flame retardant divides into three grades: V0, V1 and V2. V0 is the highest grade but price is the highest, due to its excellent flame retardant performance and difficult to do. But most customer accept V1 or V2, this is usually used in electronics, home appliances, advertising, packaging, construction, automotive industry, car interiors and other industries.How to test whether the board is flame retardant? Of course, sent it to a professional laboratory is a good choice to do testing. As a user, in order to know whether the product provided by a supplier is flame retardant or not, you can test by yourselves, this is a simple way to determine and close 80% of above cases.1. Prepared a sample size at 120x20mm.2. Clamp the sample strip 6mm from the upper part of the sample with the vertical axis vertical, and then apply the standard test flame of 10s twice. Record the residual flame time after first flame application, and record the residual flame time after second flame application. It is also necessary to record those information about whether the flame material drips from the sample.3. Based on the above information, compare the table below to determine which level the product can reach V0, V1, V2. Criteria conditions V-0V-1 V-2 Afterflame time for each individual specimen t1 or t2. ≤10s≤30s ≤30s Total afterflame time for any condition set(t1 plus t2 for the 5 specimens)≤50s≤250s≤250s Afterflame plus afterglow time for each individual specimen after the second flame application(t2 plus t3) ≤30s≤60s ≤60s Afterflame or afterglow of any specimen up to the holding clampNoNoNo Cotton indicator ignited by flaming particles of drops NoNo No 4. If only one specimen from a set of five specimens does not comply with the requirements, another set of five specimens is to be tested. in the case of the total number of seconds of flaming, an additional set of five specimens is to be tested if the totals are in the range of 51-55 seconds for V0 and 251-255 seconds for V1 and V2. all specimens from this second set shall comply with the appropriate requirement in order for the material in that thickness to be classified V0, V1, V2.5. Polyreflex’s common PP hollow sheet can reach to level V2, it extinguishes within 10 seconds from the fire with flaming material drips.Since PP honeycomb board is mostly used in vehicles and automotive interior materials, our company has conducted tests in accordance with the testing standards of automotive interior parts FMVSS302 and TSM7605G: 2006, and all of them can pass the burning speed required by customers ≤ 100mm/min.. This kind of products are widely used in some models of domestic large-scale automobile factories Toyota, Honda, etc., and auto parts and assembly plants in South Korea, Southeast Asia, and South America. 

What is the difference between polypropylene corrugated sheet and honeycomb sheet?

COLOR Corrugated plastic sheet is very rich in color. The commonly used colors are: white, yellow, green, blue, red, black, gray etc.Color can also be customized, reaching 90% close to the original.The color of polypropylene honeycomb panel is mainly gray, followed by black and white. The color can also be customized.But due to high processing cost, the customized color requires higher MOQ pp honeycomb than corrugated sheet. STRUCTURE Corrugated plastic sheet has twin wall profile extrusion, joined by series of vertical ribs. Polypropylene honeycomb panel is a sandwich structure with a honeycomb structure inside and two flat surfaces with either a bubble format or matte finish. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES When compared with corrugated plastic sheet, honeycomb panel has a better performance on resistance to high strength, impact and bendingstresses, and on sound absorption and vibration damping as well due to its different structure. APPLICATION Corrugated board and honeycomb board can be used in many of the same fields, such as advertising, packaging, logistics, etc., but because of the different structure and performance, the specific use will be different.Honeycomb board use for the applications require higher strength, durability, and firmness, but the price is more expensive. Application of corrugated plastic sheet Application of honeycomb board